Our Business



輸出事業 日本の不要品は全世界で見ると需要がまだある事も多く、特に日本の文化的な物品は海外のお客様から大変好評です。


輸入事業 日本で見る多くの物は実は海外で開発された商品がほとんどです。
副収入支援 今よりも余裕を持った生活を目指すために。



Export Business Japan's unwanted items are often still in demand around the world, and Japanese cultural items in particular are very popular with overseas customers.

We buy used items and sell them to overseas customers.

Import Business  Many of the things we see in Japan are actually products developed overseas.
We import useful products that have not yet been seen in Japan, and provide them to the Japanese people.
Additional Income Support To aim for a life with more spare time than now.

We will teach you the skills to increase your income while working at your current job and making the most of your spare time.